Bend Press began as a hand-made, photocopied zine in 1986. We've progressed throughout the years, issue by issue, project by project, and, in 1994, published our first critically claimed book; I Check the Mail Only When Certain It Has Arrived. Over our 30 year span, we have experimented with formats, content, contributors, design and printing techniques. We guide each and every Bend Press piece — be it an off-set printed book, limited edition hand-bound publication, or art object — with care, from initial concept and creation, to your hands.

We like to think of ourselves as advocates of the arts and willing collaborators. Bend is a small machine, but we are dreamers with fire, big ideas and good intentions.

Email our Arts Administrator, Cecila Salinger, with your thoughts or ideas, projects or recipies. You never know.

We would also like to express our gratitude to all the folks who've supported us throughout the years. We couldn't have done it without you — or continue on without you. Thank you, Friends Of Bend.

And now, a straightforward proclamation...


Friends Of Bend: Mike Ballard, Megan Baltimore, Greg Barbera, Rob Ben, Mel Bend, Matt Bennet, Todd Bratrud, Rodger Bridges, Thomas Campbell, Dave Carnie, Marcus Carrasco Sanchez, Rik Catlow, Dave the Chimp, Jason Crombie, Mike Daily, Garry Davis, Jawhn Dettman, Pete Diantoni, Lori Domiano, Cheryl Dunn, Phil Esbenshade, Dan, Estabrook, Tony Fancesconi, Benny Gold, Kelley Hart, Evan Hecox, Josh Higgins, Jerry Hsu, Rich Jacobs, Charles Jameson V, James Jarvis, Andy Jenkins, Marc Johnson, Henry Jones, Spike Jonze, Mel Kadel, Oak Kelsey, Johnny Knoxville, Susan Lapper, Randy Laybourne, Tyrone LeBell, Michael Leon, Nathan Lewis, Mark Lewman, Joshua Liner, Geoff McFetridge, Bernie McGinn, John McGuire, Garth Millan, Travis Millard, Andy Mueller, O, Don Pendelton, Mark Penxa, Ferris Plock, Jason Polan, Joe Polevy, Bali Sahota, Cecilia Salinger, Carl F. Sanger, Michael Sieben, Bob Stevenson, Tod Swank, Christian Roth, Jai Tanju, Ed Templeton, Jeff Tremaine, Miki Vuckovich, Darlene Wardarsky, Michael Wikan, Dave Williams, Kevin Wilkins, Erica Yary, Xeno.