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    We will all expereince tragedy in our lifetimes. Each of us will suffer it in a different way. John Rattray channelled the death of his sister, Katrina, by riding his bike on a trip he called "The Good Egg"...

    "... a small crew of epic humans joined me and we rode 100 miles to the Oregon Coast in one day. Then I woke up in a tent, went to the Lincoln City skatepark, and beat the crap out of myself until I finally stuck an Egg Plant. It wasn't the prettiest Egg that's ever been done but the photo looks decent. Video and photo coming soon. Meantime, the fund is still open for donations to SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health)." — John Rattray

    He's raising money to help others with a disease that can be disabling and sometimes deadly. But you can help. Donate at John's page. Then, please pause and take a look around — I'm sure you know someone with depression. Talk with them about it. Help lift the stigma attached to mental health. It's important to many, myself included. — Jenkins

    Photo: The Johns, Rattray and Cardiel, just before the launch. Patch by artist, Jon Horner.