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    Check it out, we've added 9 more of our favorite publications to the PEERS page. Including makers, Ed Templeton, Mark Gonzales, Michael Sieben, Dave the Chimp and more. If you would like to share your own opuscule(s) with Bend, send them by snail mail to our Administrator of Letters, Andy Jenkins at Bend HQ, 1367 W. 10th Street, San Pedro, CA 90732 USA.



    We've added a new section, PEERS. The beauty of the small publishing community is fellowship, collaboration and sharing. Bend, and specifically, myself, are forever greatful for this form of expression and communication... and to the postman/woman. Stuffing an envelope with ephemera, sealing it, stamping it, and sending it, is in our DNA. Peers is a small way for us to keep the circle of small publishing rolling by introducing some of the great publications we've received in the mail. Please take some time and click on the links, most of these publishers are selling and, at times, trading. If you're lucky, you'll make some lifelong friends like I have. And bookmark the page, Bend will be constantly adding more... as long as the flow continues. Keep the paper work coming.  —Jenkins