• CEO

    Carl F. Sanger, is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Bend Press. Mr. Sanger is widely know an an original staffer on He left Crail in 1972 after a dispute with the Board of Directors, Furry Calamari. Note: Carl prefers to remain faceless. Do not ask him about his middle name.

    Darline Wardarsky is the head of all Curatorial Arts Management, General Operational Budgets and the Friends of Bend (FOB) Coordinator. Darline is also the Bend Press building super. Custodial services and building contractors can contact Darline at this email.

    Cecilia C. Salinger, former assistant to the cartoons editor at New Yorker, is the head of all Bend Press Editorial and Creative. Any manuscripts or portfolios may be sent to her at this email address. Mrs. Salinger is also an accomplished pirata de informático, so be kind.

    Charles Jameson V. handles all press inquiries. He was brought on at Bend after resigning from the McSweeney's Internet Tendency. Mr. Jameson V is a playwright. His current work, "Medicine Bow Shrugged," is currently playing at the Recreation Center in Rawlings, Wyoming.

    Marcus Carrasco Sanchez. Any General Bullshit you need help with, Marcus is your contact person here at Bend Press. Mr. Carrasco Sanchez is a pleasant man who can help with any complaints, suggestions, questions, opinions, etc. "I am more than happy to help you with your bullshit." — Marcus

    A direct skype channel is available to any employee doing their sitting business. Your participation in a Skype call could potentialy be answered by any Bend personnel — perhaps even Tyrone LeBell, head of building security!