• "Ray Potes"

    Documentary featuring Ray Potes of Hambuger Eyes for the Vans #llivingoffthewall series. Directed by Tobin, 2014.

    Music: "Translucid" by Glass Caverns, "In Time" by Radar Eyes

  • "Clues About The Rest Of The World"

    A documentary featuring enigmatic pro skater and artist, Bobby Puleo. Co-directed by Tobin with Lauren Maddow. Produced by the talented Angela Boatright. 2014.

  • "Fucktards"

    The seminal skateboard video, "Fucktards," was filmed by a young Tobin for Anti Hero in 1994. Featuring Sean Young, Julien Stranger, John Cardiel, Eric J and Bob Burnquist. Edited by John Cardiel.

    This is a true fucked up classic, folks. 

  • "Andrea Sonnenberg"

    A documentary directed by Tobin for Vans #livingoffthewall series, 2014.

    Music: "Sleep Talk" by Shannon and The Clams, "1968" by Dospassos, and "Cicatrice de Soldat" by Les Sages.